Welcome to Nadis

When the day ends and night falls and it’s quiet and you can see the stars. On the foothills of Zabarwan hills and few kilometers from the famous Mughal garden, Nadis is a modern Kashmir House, inspired by the picturesque alpine landscape and rich heritage of Kashmir culture. We are at Harwan Village, just opposite the public garden.

The major draw of the Harwan Village is its natural loveliness and charm. With greenery in the backdrop of a snowy environment, it is the gateway to Dachi Gam Wildlife sanctuary and a beginning point of a Mahadev Mountain trek.

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Large, airy, sunlit!

Nadis is a contemporary boutique hotel with 18 rooms that gives guests an unparalleled and elevated visit to Kashmir.

Book your room or suite today and come be a part of the Nadis experience.

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Food & drink

Kashmiri traditional cuisine

It’s all about saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves along with one or two dried fruits such as cherries, apples, raisins, pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, dried apricots, or dates.

The food at Nadis is designed by Kashmir tradition, it’s basically Kashmiri home food to its core.
All ingredients are locally made and veggies are from our own garden (feeling proud) or locally sourced, sustainable, and organic.

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Nadis travel

The wilderness is beautiful. The landscape and its colors are amazing.

Guided by the respect for simplicity and always connected with the place… that is our way.

Nadis is Life lived at a slower pace, typically somewhere remote and wild if possible. Fearsomely beautifully colorful ponies across damp grassy hills. Warm breeze lingers for a moment remnants of the early morning mist cling to mountain coves.

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