Nadis Travel

and accessible world that you could disappear into…

The wilderness is beautiful.
The landscape and its colours are amazing.

Guided by the respect for simplicity and always connected with place… that is our way. Nadis is Life lived at a slower pace, typically somewhere remote and wild if possible.

Fearsomely beautifully colourful ponies across damp grassy hills. Warm breeze lingers for a moment remnants of the early morning mist cling to mountain coves.

Simple luxuries and strong sense of landscape, sense of place. In company of like-minded travelers, explore deeper and further.

Team of local people who knows every step and rock on our way and share a love for the mountains. We don’t have intention to be big tour or travel company, we just want to show beautiful Kashmir to Nadis guests and to do that in right way.

Our chief is singer, storyteller, guide… everything in 1 person. Basically, you have to come, bring sleeping bag and proper clothes. It’s more a celebration of the world and life… or maybe it is escape?

You just have to take the time watch the sun rise…